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Commission Model

On the Sunbrave Energy website, we offer an exciting commission model for electricians and enthusiastic consumers interested in photovoltaic systems. Here’s how it works:

Electricians Section:
For electricians operating in selected countries, we provide the opportunity to access and potentially take on additional projects during slow periods. As intermediaries between you and potential customers, we receive a commission per installed kilowatt (kW) in your country. The exact commission amount will be individually agreed upon to ensure fair compensation for your work.

Consumers Section:
For our valued consumers (let’s simply call them „Solar Enthusiasts“), there is also an opportunity to earn money. Whether you attract solar projects or even embark on your own installation, you can receive a commission for each installed kilowatt (kW) through our program. The specific commission rate will be determined in consultation with you.

We firmly believe that everyone should benefit from the advantages of solar energy. With our commission model, we aim to provide additional job opportunities for electricians and offer engaged consumers the chance to be financially rewarded. Together, we are driving the energy transition and creating a sustainable future.

Join us and become part of our solar community! Register today to explore the possibilities of harnessing solar energy and benefitting from our attractive commission model.

Note : Please be aware that the specific details and terms of the commission model will be individually agreed upon. Contact us for more information and to sign up.

We look forward to working with you and making the world a sunny place!

Your Sunbrave Energy Team

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